Personal Notes

Bong Villamayor from the Philippines.

Coached and developed aspiring talents for more than 30 years Many have attained their GM, IM, FM titles.

"One's games are the best source of lessons!" A thorough analysis of one's approach gives an insight on how you should deal with chess fears...

Specializing on Rook Endgames; if you want to improve your rook endings, I am your guy!

Training Director of National Chess Academy of the Philippines.(2009)

Singapore National Coach (2001-2002), Senior Trainer ASEAN Chess Academy 2001-2002.

Training Director of Powerchess Asia Singapore (2004-2008)

Training Director of Chesskidz LLP Singapore (2010-2015)

Training Director & National Coach for Singapore Chess Federation (2015-2022)

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Type Bullet Rating 2296 Best 2320 (21/Jan/2001)
Type 5-minute Rating 2227 Best 2585 (20/Feb/2010)
Type 1-minute Rating 2079 Best 2151 (16/Apr/2008)
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