Personal Notes

Hello! My name is Konstantin Kosteniuk, I am father and trainer of 2008-2010 World Woman Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Honored Coach of the Russian Federation since 2010!

Very busy with my real chess students, sorry. Yet, if you wish to take my online lessons, feel free to mess me. $50 for lesson.

Email: Web site

The first chess robot in the world, playing blitz on a REAL board at the level of top human Grandmasters, have been created! Its reserved as my copyright.

See its recent match vs Vladimir Kramnik: Robot beats World blitz champion-2006 Alexander Grischuk!

Look forward for more news and videos!

We suggest an amazing program for all chess fans! We are ready for a tour all over the World! Waiting for invitations!

If you`re interested, please contact me.

Server Ratings Details

Type Blitz Rating 2750 Best 2759 (11/Jun/2002)
Type Standard Rating 2610 Best
Type 5-minute Rating 2331 Best 2346 (31/Jan/2002)