Personal Notes

Did I recount the Tail of Tea and Coffee?

When young I traveled by tube, in London, to work. This my Friend, was in the good old days.

We boarded the tube, which is a fancy word for a tram, a Greek goddess, named Caissa, or some such impossible name to remember, and I. Every day same hour same stops just like a swiss clock

Following some months of this good company, Caissa blurted out, as we arrived to our final stop:


Me (replying in shear naivity) : Caissa, sorry, youall have to excuse me, Iall go home for you see I prefer tea.

These days, dear friend, I drink coffee, I have grown up and won't miss the bus.

This dear Friend was the Tail of Tea and Coffee but no Cigar and the Caissa who is still very dear to me

.... albeit in a different way shape and form.

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