Personal Notes

"Impitoyable" : french title for the film "Unforgiven", by and with C. Eastwood (and G. Hackman, R. Harris, M. Freeman ...) ; but "impitoyable" means rather "pityless" or "mercyless" ; I will nevertheless accept takebacks for obvious mouseslips and ask for them ... only in that case of course.

Benoit Lepelletier, International Master since 1996 ; maths teacher since 2001 ; member of ACE (association Cannes echecs, no translation required I hope ?) director comity since May 2012. Email :

Can you queen your f-pawn as early as move 18 playing black ? See my liblist, game Index 4 ! Or mate at this same 18th move with Nxb5 ? See game Index 57 !

You may improve your play in knights endings by analysing my defeat versus Vidocq, game numbre 16.

You don't get a chance each day to play as Morphy did at the Sevilla Opera. Egor Geroev-2 had this chance, see my library game number 18 (after 15 ... Qxb5 16 Nc7+! ; Rxc7 17 Rd8 it's exactly the same mate !)

What's the difference between cocaine and 1- ? With cocaine there's a tiny chance you don't become addicted.

It won't happen often the best move in position looks like a mouseslip ! See 25 Rb6!! (and not Rxa6?!) in my library, game number 33.

Can advanced pawns (w8) help for real chess ? Yes, see my library game number 34 !

Some players here play for fun. Some say they play for fun, but they play to win. Some say they play to win. I play to kill and avoid draws as often as possible.

Special note towards the brave anonymous players who feel free to insult you and then to censor you : congratulations guys, you can feel proud of yourselves !

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