Personal Notes

rating win loss draw total best Atomic 1989 6773 3159 203 10135 2205

I play atomic chess. "tell ROBOKieb wildfinger Fegor" to see my rating :

Catalan(67): oh no fegor is back Superman shouts: Fegor, i feel like you're a great person typing behind that keyboard.. GermanSevorin(67): don't be such a fegorophobe

MoltenThinker(223): Fegor sucks? yes he does TheChessKid(223): I am going to crush you fegor BabyBach(C) shouts: Owned ! --> guduk FEGOR IS NOT LOW LEVEL :< Zacharius shouts: fegor is good at w27 ya --> guduk FEGOR ROCKS boney1 shouts: fegor your name is cool Poetryinmotion tells you: your a cool dude ;)

Speccy(C) shouts: Fegor is the King of ICC ComeNPlay(C) tells you: Fegor, you're a GENIUS, you solve all problems like they were nothing :) Ankster-345 tells you: thanks you're really nice potpie whispers: Fegor, you are my hero thecheckmater told you: u 2 good for me! Catalan(67): you are an idiot

pizzahut(27): you used to be my idle fegor Fegor(27): really lol pizzahut(27): not kidding eddiescomputer(C) tells you: thank You again Fegor for Your very Good assisstance!!!!!!!!!!! jjerry88 shouts: fegor, you're complicated... AphelionFan tells you: "But you called me friend! Hooray!!

ThalamusRush(67): I like fegor cap05red(67): i am not hitler Tornon(300): you'd be Spamgor LAJ tells you: Thank you. You are very kind :) eRiKB shouts: Fegor is very humble... albi(H)(100): More power too you Fegor! flipperty(397): dan everyone heres a billionaire with a 12 inch *** and ten phds

--> savant .. fegor is wise Mike shouts: fegor is crazy Fegor(67): why you guys like chess cap05red(67): i like it because it impresses women Nasruddin tells you: You are very intelligent Mike shouts: fegor is a pro. not much slips by him :) ollo(67): thx fegor i love a laugh

arconia shouts: you're a good man chesswhiz tells you: OMG, im talking to an alchoholic Frodo(2): do you think a women will be attracted to me cause of my accomplishments in World of Warcraft?

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1679 Best 2144 (16/May/2007)
Type Blitz Rating 1009 Best 1336 (14/May/2007)
Type Bullet Rating 1076 Best 1457 (15/Jan/2008)
Type Loser's Rating 1421 Best 1533 (22/Jan/2009)
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1104 Best 1203 (17/May/2008)
Type 5-minute Rating 1212 Best
Type 1-minute Rating 1160 Best 1220 (17/Jun/2008)
Type Correspondence Rating 1433 Best
Type 3-minute Rating 1031 Best 1047 (20/Oct/2010)
Type Chess960 Rating 1306 Best