Personal Notes

My 500th celebration tourney was held on Oct. 24th-25th 2015, grid #447469. A grand total of 85 players participated! The tourney lasted a total of 13 hours and 50 minutes! My special thanks to those 85 players that played. I hope you all had a blast, and wish you the very best in your future chess endeavors.

My 1000th celebration tournament took place on 8/24/16, grid #455149. A total of 28 players took part! Thanks to all participants and wish you the best of luck in the future!

Winner of the 2015 15 0 Championship Qualifier #1, grid #447085.

It was a complete shock, but I one ran two tournies where two players finished with a perfect score! Type "/tell Slomato grid 448112" and "/tell Slomato grid 448575" to see them!

Managed ICC's 450,000th tournament; 24 players participated! Type "/tell Slomato grid 450000" to see it!

I ran my longest non-celebration tourney on 5/8/16. It lasted a total of 6 hours and 34 minutes! Type "/tell Slomato grid 452414" to see it! The biggest tourney (excluding celebrations) I ran took place on 5/25/16, with an overly impressive turnout of 41 players! See "/tell Tomato grid 452937".

Believe it or not, the fastest tourney I've ever run lasted -38 (that's right, negative 38) minutes; type "/tell Flash grid 466038" to see it!

Interesting tourney #467611 where the 3rd tiebreak (Random Number) was used to decide the 2nd-3rd place winner; very rarely is such a tiebreak needed!

Winner of nightly 1400+ on 10-14, grid #465591

3rd place best winner in May Slomato Marathon; scored 10.5 points out of 11 games played.

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1805 Best 1830 (03/Dec/2012)
Type Blitz Rating 1913 Best 2106 (07/Jun/2016)
Type Standard Rating 2163 Best 2368 (21/Feb/2016)
Type Bullet Rating 1787 Best 1991 (30/Nov/2012)
Type Bughouse Rating 1235 Best 1235 (02/Jul/2013)
Type Loser's Rating 1589 Best 1646 (22/Jun/2013)
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1507 Best 1654 (23/Nov/2012)
Type Correspondence Rating 1498 Best
Type 25-minute Rating 2016 Best