Personal Notes

California native, Missouri resident (Kansas City) Great reigon to live in. We have the flavor of two states, many rivers and the Best Barbeque in the Galaxy

I chose my handle before I knew about the cartoon. That quacks me up!

I don't talk during games but if you like, we can chat afterwards. I also analyze my games after play, so I seldom will do an instant rematch.

I seldom, if ever debate politics or religion "One convinced against his will remains an unbeliever still"

"Before you get into an argument with a fool, make sure he's not doing the same thing" - advice from an old country preachergiven to me

If you would like to discuss chess theory, I'm open to discussion and learning. If you need some advice on HVAC, plumbing or electrical I will field a few questions there as well - maybe religion: see note #5

Favorite Bible verses John 3:16 and Ecclesiastes 9:11

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