Personal Notes

Dr. Danny Kopec, IM gives lessons, lectures, exhibitions

Five Videos: 1) How To Visualize Combinations (2hrs) 2) Pawn Structures and How To Play Them (2hrs)

3) How to Analyze a Position (2hrs) and 4) Opening Pawn Structures: advanced concepts (4 hrs)

Total Video Instruction 12.5 hours! Video (5) THE KOPEC SYSTEM against the Sicilian Defense (2.5 hours) is out; message to order

Kopec's Chess Camp and Services visit:

FOUR BOOKS: 1) Best Games of the Young Grandmasters (with IM Craig Pritchett) 2) Mastering Chess: a course in 21 lessons (with Davies, Chandler, Morrison, and Mullen, Cadogen, 1992)

3) Test, Evaluate, and Improve Your Chess: a knowledge-based approach (with Hal Terrie, Hypermodern Press) and 4) Practical Middlegame Techniques (with Rudy Blumenfeld, Cadogan, 1997)

Give Monthly lecture on ICC on last Thursday of each month at 5:00 pm. EST.

Available for LESSONS ONLINE, Matches, etc. just "message Drk"

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