Personal Notes

Doug Legvold, 50, high desert. Check recent results.

Current USCF: 2004 and hopefully rising

What Doesn't kill you permanently weakens you and destroys your quality of life.

I am usually distracted when I am playing here. Thanks to Gm's and IM's and other strong players I have beaten who accuse me of cheating with an engine.

"I must break you."

lets make America great again!

Yes! We did it!

Server Ratings Details

Type Blitz Rating 1563 Best 1604 (26/Feb/2019)
Type Standard Rating 1734 Best 1833 (29/Jun/2013)
Type 5-minute Rating 1713 Best 1794 (06/Dec/2012)
Type 1-minute Rating 1316 Best 1345 (10/Mar/2013)
Type Correspondence Rating 2108 Best 2173 (23/Apr/2017)
Type 15-minute Rating 1682 Best 1963 (15/Oct/2012)
Type 3-minute Rating 1370 Best 1683 (19/Jan/2013)
Type Chess960 Rating 1380 Best
Type 25-minute Rating 1658 Best 1673 (23/Oct/2017)