Personal Notes

MattF(67): I never liked The Simpsons or saw what was supposedly funny about it and I dislike Futurama even more

cap78red(67): very drool mattf

easy37(1): * how to contact a person censoring you Shawn(H)(1): You cannot. That is the purpose of censoring.

"Some textbooks state that caffeine is a mild euphoriant,[85][86][87] others state that it is not a euphoriant,[88][89] and one states that it is and is not a euphoriant.[90]" Wikipedia on caffiene

If I wasnt in the rap game, I'd probably have a place knee deep in the crack game

xbox one s review "I have been looking for Xbox for a long time because I sold my old one to a neighbour because he was looking to buy one for his kids so to make the Christmas amazing I sold my old one to them"

cap78red(67): i have been mistaken for fischer

try2(1): * my username VM(*)(1): Your username is try2

I was thinking of changing my name to 'Vidal Sassoon' by deed poll but I noticed there is already someone called that

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Type Bullet Rating 1089 Best
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