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IM Erik Kislik Peak FIDE: 2432 Peak USCF: 2500 Website: YouTube:

Would you like to achieve success in chess? Are you tired of chess coaches who don't speak English with a decent level of proficiency? Try a chess coach with successful language skills!

I am currently the manager of super GM Francisco Vallejo Pons. If you are interested in training or having a simul with a 2700 grandmaster, please contact me.

I am an official vendor here on ICC. Please look over my services page:

Tired of failing in chess? Try success! It works better!

Irreverent79 kibitzes: I'm going to show this analysis to my future kids at bedtime to teach them patience

As of June 2016, I am the most popular and most active vendor on ICC.

I know it would be much more profitable if I gave chess students false promises and built shallow relationships and stream-lined lessons, but instead I want to transform a player's thinking and chess character, so if they put in the work they'll enjoy the game a lot more.

I'd rather transform the game. Let the metamorphosis begin.

My book is now available now:

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Type Blitz Rating 2933 Best 2998 (01/Aug/2013)
Type Standard Rating 2268 Best
Type Bullet Rating 2395 Best
Type 5-minute Rating 2368 Best 2532 (06/Nov/2013)
Type 1-minute Rating 2468 Best 2468 (31/Mar/2013)
Type 3-minute Rating 2421 Best 2421 (14/Jul/2013)