Personal Notes

3rd at 2000 TX Grade/Collegiate Bughouse Championship 11/4/00. 1st place at 2000 Texas State Bughouse Championships,1st place @ 2000 United States Team East Bughouse Tournament, held in Parsippany, NJ 2-20-00 with Riddell (da Man) as my partner. Have not placed worse than

3rd in *any* Bug tournament I've partaken in. If I get disconnected, I will usually be right back on in a flash! If not, then it must be something serious. ------> Do YOU wanna laugh? If so, then type: 'ex ChessStud2000 %3' to see a complete fast SMASH that occured in less than 2 secs!!

Type "ex ChessStud2000 %15" if you want a nice LAUGH to make your day better. To see a great knock-out in W23 against a high rated player, then type: examine ChessStud2000 %16. This occured May 16, 1999. *To see this, and NUMEROUS other spectacular games, check out my library by typing "library ChessStud2000

*** UPDATED *** On July 11, 2000 I reached my best bughouse rating -- 2331 and ranked 8th on the Bughouse rank listing. Type: 'wildrank' to see what your ranking is. ***

House/Trance/Rave Music RULES!!!!!!!!!!! i.e. --> Dont Call Me Baby, by Madison Avenue "Dont Call Me Baby... You've got to Learn Baby That'll Never do! You Know I Dont Belong to You!"

I'm a HouseDancer, I GlowStick, BreakDance, Bounce, Ropes, Tear Da Dance Floor up, and have a good time! Do YOU like to dance? Or shall I say.. *CAN* you dance? :o)

On 10/22/99, LittlePer s-shouts: ChessStud2000 won the Double Round Robin Crazyhouse 1 0 rated Rating: 0..3999 tournament, with a score of 9/10! LittlePer s-shouts: ChessStud2000 won the Elimination Crazyhouse 1 0 rated Rating: 0..4000 tournament, with a score 3/3!

On 6/9/99 I beat gigo(FM) in w23! Go check out the game in my library -- %41! Also on 6/11/99, I beat pap(GM) in 20 moves!! Check it out in my library -- %40! In addition, I also beat Dlugy(GM) in w23 on 6/11/99 -- %44 in my library! On 7/8/99, I defeated Axelo(IM) as well! What next?

July 30, 2000 The-One tells you: i don't want to play you man The-One tells you: you're out of my league <-- Then later i got: The-One shouts: does anyone wanna play 1 0 w23? <-- ChessStud2000 does, but you noplayed me The-One shouts: you're too damn good (LOL!!!!!!!!!)

In response to BigWolfie's 1st & 2nd note: Ping time to ChessStud2000: 29837408917409273408917320491723097419320874109740983174089172490821730491092743089317 milliseconds. "Can anybody beat that?"

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1655 Best 1747 (03/Aug/1999)
Type Blitz Rating 1787 Best 1876 (10/Sep/2000)
Type Bullet Rating 1846 Best 2009 (05/Aug/1999)
Type Bughouse Rating 2247 Best 2331 (11/Jul/2000)
Type Crazyhouse Rating 2030 Best 2215 (11/Jul/2000)