Personal Notes

I promise you that my openings will be getting very exploitative in 2018.

If you do not like losing on time, then you should use increment or a slower time control.

Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America.

According to a study by Michael I. Norton and Dan Ariely, 92% of Americans prefer the Swedish wealth distribution over the American!


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Type Wild Rating 1803 Best 2138 (15/Mar/1999)
Type Blitz Rating 2081 Best 2407 (19/Oct/1999)
Type Standard Rating 2222 Best 2396 (04/Dec/2006)
Type Bullet Rating 1770 Best 2167 (01/Mar/1999)
Type Bughouse Rating 1893 Best 2487 (26/Nov/1999)
Type Loser's Rating 1781 Best 2187 (12/Aug/1999)
Type Crazyhouse Rating 2049 Best 2244 (06/Jul/2003)
Type 5-minute Rating 2241 Best 2325 (30/Jun/2019)
Type 1-minute Rating 1915 Best 1987 (11/Jan/2012)
Type 15-minute Rating 2121 Best 2161 (24/Jun/2019)
Type 3-minute Rating 2040 Best 2194 (24/Aug/2012)
Type Chess960 Rating 1752 Best 1865 (25/May/2010)
Type 25-minute Rating 2083 Best