Personal Notes

Dr. Brian B. Wood, Ph.D. (TM H) USCF TD - Soulless Neurodivergent Emotionally Autistic Phenomenologist.Philomath

Solo Practicitioner of Wicca. Godless heathen to some. I am already half-dead, having died 3 times so far. I am cool with that. Blessed Be and Be Well.

Half dead with Stage 3 Heart Failure and Stage 3 Kidney Disease. 2 steps ahead of the Grim Reaper. Professional courtesy.

Refuses to play endgames. if it is a drawn middlegame, accept draw offer, if you are losing, I expect you to resign. Waste my time dragging me to an endgame, I will waste yours by running my clock out. Then block you

Your Sick and Demented Mind Pleases Me. Sometimes it is better to sit and smile.

Former member of DMORT Region V. DMORT = Disaster Mortuary Operations Response Team. Under the Department of Health and Human Services.

I drink coffee for the safety of others, not my own. At this point it is more of a survivor instinct.

I am a member of the US Navy during Gulf Shield/Gulf Storm. I would strongly advice you to NEVER question my patriotism.

Wood, B. B. (2017). A phenomenological study of the lived experiences of non-traditional students in higher level mathematics at a midwest university (Order No. 10263678). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global: The Humanities and Social Sciences Collection. (1884294881).

And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally. - Friedrick Nietzsche

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