Personal Notes

Greetings from Canary Islands(SPAIN).Remember:Las Palmas "Chess Paradise"...

Las Palmas and Linares are the best chess tournaments

My favourites chess players: Fischer, Karpov and Capablanca

My best chess tournament: Las Palmas 1996 that I saw here!!...

My favourite chess program: Houdini 1.5 w32

My chess blog:

This blog is of chess news and chess history all over the world!!

my e-mail:

My best chess book: Botvinnik Select Games(Three books!).

Sure... the best guest in ICC was The King "Bobby Fischer"...

Server Ratings Details

Type Wild Rating 1762 Best
Type Blitz Rating 1597 Best 2311 (17/May/2002)
Type Standard Rating 1981 Best 2189 (22/Jul/2008)
Type Bullet Rating 1851 Best 1869 (18/Jul/2010)
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1693 Best
Type 5-minute Rating 1920 Best 2084 (08/Jun/2019)
Type 1-minute Rating 1500 Best
Type 15-minute Rating 1703 Best 1703 (31/Dec/2019)
Type 3-minute Rating 1718 Best 1984 (05/Jun/2015)
Type 25-minute Rating 1913 Best