Personal Notes

e-mail: - website WWW.QUALITYCHESSBOOKS.COM and (under constrcution).

Best book published in 2003 is in my opinion Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual. Best book in 2004 is Gaprindashvili: Imagination in Chess. Hats off gentlemen.

Third GM-norm in Arco Open in Italy, October 2004. Now only 50 elo points are missing.

I no longer give online lessons, as I would charge 100 chekels pr. hour, and I am not worth that much.

Chessbase 8 is for ?#$%&'s - Chessbase 9 ROCKS!

considering I play with my nose I am quite fast.

It is a scary world where Esben Lund's twin brother gets elected to the Danish Parliament. What will be next? Will we all have to play with the isolated queen's pawn??

When your wife asks you how you will ever become a Chess Grand Wizard, what do you answer?

Born and raised in Denmark, but currently resident of Glasgow, Scotland. I wonder if I wil ever go home again...

In memory of my team mate Flemming Fuglsang, who sadly passed away the 3rd of March 2003 at the age of 48.

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