Personal Notes

A.M.D.G.:google it // "The modern world is like a perpetual Nuremburg rally. . ."--Joe Sobran

"... Just as the act of a living being is 'to live', so 'being' is that whose act it is 'to be'."--Aristotle

Augustine says (De Trin. xv), "Not because they are, does God know all creatures spiritual and temporal, but because He knows them, therefore they are."

"Existence is the perfection of perfections."--St. Thomas Aquinas

"The concept of being is the first which the human mind can grasp, and to that concept all others must be reduced."--Aristotle

"Nothing except God is that which it has."--St. Thomas Aquinas

Watch this video I made:

"By his substantial form, which is human, man is not only a man, but also an animal, a plant, a body, a substance, and a being."--St. Thomas Aquinas, Quaestiones Disputatae, de Spiritualibus Creaturis: a. 3.

At one time, you were more tiny than you are able to imagine tiny, tinier than you can imagine tiny.

Decide for yourself: you have eyes and a heart that can pray: see abortion photos/videos here: (warning, graphic material).

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