Personal Notes

NYC nerd with a thirst for mountain dew...

When you resign after move one, thats a good move... save yourself the frustration

There's 1000's of money making schemes, even if you find the right one for you, time still kills you...

People throw themselves to others feet for money, oppressors smile and insult the poor, Is that what living is?

Anyone have a paintbrush, a confusion ritual diary, and dont give a shit about people you never met? Welcome to the CIA, a place meant for you.

You get one life that you know about... Grandpa still controls the world from beyond the grave with the same old laws and routines, Do you have another way of living?

Welcome to Anarchism, another way... Independent living, a unique way to guide your life cut off from the certainty you thought you lived in...

Whenever you thought there wasn't another way to live, there was something you didn't do enough of, which was thinking

When your stuck on those thoughts, remember to graduate them till you defeat the stupid

good luck to the new world, erase the old one that used to exist, see the one you want to live in, create it, and then watch the other one try to take it back... Fight around it, then your free

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