Personal Notes

"Have you ever seen a monkey examining a watch?" - Steinitz

"And, remember: Lightning CAN be dangerous" - The Weather Network

I am David Braund - organist, choirmaster, composer, conductor. Married 36 years and dad to 2 daughters and guide to many students.

examine ears %125

Searching for that late Lasker for: ex ears %110 - at about 38:10.

elevenears on xbox - I like to race cars on xbox V

"examine ears %97" for some wholesome family entertainment - I spazed and resigned!

Malik Mir Sultan Khan is my chess hero

I check all my games with Thomas the Tank Engine "examine ears %18" - Thomas says I play too slow and shabby :) "examine ears %52" for one approved by Thomas

at 15:32 ... "" ... " at 19:08"

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