Personal Notes

Any other 1. Nc3 (or 1...Nc6) fans out there? feel free to contact me...

ANSI C for me!!

Married 10/3/98.

Listening to Mozart is supposed to make you smarter. Anyone who listens to him instead of to Bach NEEDS to get smarter.

VST for me!!

And the reason we know light travels faster than sound is, that a lot of people look really bright before they speak.

Not to say Mozart was so bad...

velvetfog: Do not be so hard on Mozart fans - he wrote very wonderful music. I too love Bach, but there is room for Wolfgang as well!

I am not Van Geet. You flatter me :)

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Type Wild Rating 1629 Best 1745 (05/Feb/1999)
Type Blitz Rating 1690 Best 2295 (27/Aug/1999)
Type Standard Rating 2020 Best 2172 (20/Jul/1999)
Type Bullet Rating 1656 Best 2060 (31/Jul/2002)
Type Bughouse Rating 1572 Best 1576 (11/Aug/1999)
Type Loser's Rating 1616 Best
Type Crazyhouse Rating 1306 Best
Type 5-minute Rating 1930 Best 2079 (17/Feb/2012)
Type 1-minute Rating 1826 Best 2082 (24/Jul/2005)
Type 15-minute Rating 1911 Best 1911 (02/Nov/2016)
Type 3-minute Rating 1843 Best 2033 (14/Sep/2012)