Personal Notes

......Receipe for a succesfull chess game!. Ingredients: 32 Chess pieces! 2 Cloves of gloat!

Start the stew by slowly adding the pawns in the stock, stir vigorously. Take a frying pan and fry the Bishops, Rooks and Horses, until golden brown in oil of battle. Ad a pinch of Power, some stalks of tactics

Ad a tablespoon of Events, and some cloves of Gloat. Be careful not to ad to much Gloat as you fellow workers may object strongly to the strong smell the next day. Ad the pieces to the slowly boiling stew.

If stirred not well the stew will curdle and the taste will turn sour. Some pieces may take longer than others to cook thats ok, stirr to prevent

clusters of lumpy unappetizing flavors of Defeat! ,You can add spices at will at this time, I usually ad a little Intelligence, some Cunning powder Skill revenge or

Killer instinct. When the stew is done, you will find that a few pieces stay crisp this is normal, just check occasionally until one King dissolves, at that point the stew is done

I usually serve the reamining pieces on a bed of finely shredded pieces of a chessbook that I accidentlly dropped into the bath, while trying to decipher the mindboggling co-ordinates of the various positions.

The opposing colors of the cooked pieces compliment each other pleasantly! Garnish with some attractive pieces of sweet Victory!

Bonn Apetit!

Even if your mouse slips, falls, breaks both its legs, and is hopping around on tiny little crutches ... you're still not getting a takeback. this last bit stolen from other iccer :)

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