Personal Notes

IM Dan Vasiesiu, Neurologist, probably the most optimistic person you've met.

Teaching chess over the internet for more than 20 years with excellent results.

My lessons are one on one, customized to meet the student's needs. I can help anyone rated from 1000 to 2200.

CONTACT - If you are interested in taking lessons from me, please send an email to Mention your ICC nickname, age, chess books and software you own, goals for the future, desired lesson times.

PRICING - I prefer 2 hour lessons ($60). A one hour lesson (not so effective) would be $35.

Alternatively you can pay $500 in advance for 10 lessons of 2 hours each (thus you get a discount).

As of March 2014 the easiest way to pay for lessons is via ICC's store -

Vendors advertising serious improvement after 2-3 lessons or 5 blitz games should be sentenced to death :-) The truth is that it takes months or even years to become a better chess player. Long term commitment and hard work are crucial.

STATISTICS: January 2000 - June 2019 8213 lessons on ICC; 242 students.

Average rating increase after 20 lessons (minimum to show a real objective improvement) - 185 rating points (ICC rating). U1500 gained on average 260 points, 1500-1800 180 points, 1800-2200 90 points (but twice as many for those who took 50 lessons).

Server Ratings Details

Type Bullet Rating 1606 Best
Type 1-minute Rating 982 Best