Personal Notes

Chess has never been a world famous game because it always was in Russian hands.

Iljumdzhinov's contribution to chess is that he is controversial;All Russian WCs were dull.

If Fischer returned,he would be in top 5 easily,with all those kids around.

The erymanthian boar's hot breath will soon leave its mark on chess.

Wunderkids don't exist,it's just the majority that are handicapped.See greed of previous lives.

Water is the finest cure for everything;Ice is fine,too.

Tal's sacrifices remind me of cancer or the worst kind of dermatopathia.

D. Bronstein was a nice person;He once told me not to allow others catch me!

Fischer survives because he is circumspect;Those who baptized him paranoid are just greedy.

Too many cheaters here. Tired of playing this crap blitz. time to play real chess.

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