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Every other month, the Tomato team of managers hosts Championship events at ICC. Championships are held in 2 stages (Qualifiers and Finals). Please consult "help Championship" for further information.

ICC is giving out PRIZES for the winners of the championship: 1st: 3 months of free membership, 2nd: 2 months, 3rd: 1 month. - Winner U2000 Class Finals earn 2 months of free membership! Best U1600 in the U2000 final wins 1 month.

********************************************************************** : The 2021, ICC 3 3 Championship will begin on Saturday June 12th, : with a champion being decided on Saturday June 19th!

There will be six qualifier tournaments, starting Saturday and ending : Thursday. The starting times are chosen such that players from all time : zones should get a chance to play in at least one qualifier which are as : follows:

********************************************************************** : Qual1 JUN 12 @ 1400 (2pm) Qual2 JUN 13 @ 1200 (noon) : Qual3 JUN 14 @ 1900 (7pm) Qual4 JUN 15 @ 2000 (8pm) : Qual5 JUN 16 @ 1000 (10am) Qual6 JUN 17 @ 1500 (3pm)


Open section final: Saturday, June 19 at 2:00PM on Ketchup : U2000 section final: Saturday, June 19 at 4:00PM on Littleper


For info schedules, results, rules etc, you can go to our website at: :

Message this account with any questions you have. We can handle questions in many languages. == Tienes preguntas del Campeonato? Manda un mess a esta cuenta. == Avez-vous une question a propos des Championnats ? == Veuillez emettre un message a ce compte pour de plus amples informations.

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